About us

Cask is a specialist wholesaler in the field of telecom and computer equipment for the B2B segment. With over 20 years of experience, we are a trusted partner for suppliers and buyers in Belgium and throughout Europe. We supply, among other things, webshops, retailers, SME companies and multinationals.

With our activities we mainly focus on the procurement and delivery of smartphones, tablets and phablets. All our products have the Dutch language and European warranty.

Purchasing power

We find a long-term relationship with you as a partner very important. With a solid financial basis we offer you certainty about continuity. In addition, we have been working together for years with a large and trusted network of providers. With the right contacts and strong purchasing power we always offer favorable conditions.

Your order will be delivered from stock. Do you have special requests or do you want to place a larger order? Then we immediately call on our network. You can always have your products quickly available.

Online store

Of course we would like to know who our customers are. That’s why we ask you to register your company. With your own account you can view all products (and the corresponding prices) in our assortment and order online.

Personal contact

Are you curious about what we can do for your company? Or do you want to know more about prices and availability of specific products? Then contact us. We work with a fixed team of expert and experienced staff who speak different languages.

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